1. (Intro) Prayer [Live] [feat. Pastor Chris Sarno]
2. With Our Voices (Live)
3. Freedom for Your Soul (Live)
4. The Proof Is in My Praise (Live) [feat. Anthony Shepherd]
5. Walking Under the Blessing (Live) [feat. John Wilds]
6. More & More (Live)
7. More & More (Reprise) [Live]
8. The Secret Place (Live) [feat. Prophetess Gloria MacFawn]
9. The Worship Medley (Take Me to That Place / Holy Is the Lamb) [Live] [feat. Meka King & Liz Sarno]
10. Hallelujah Anthem (Live)
11. Father of Mercy (Live) [feat. Farrin Sherrelle]
12. Father of Mercy (Reprise) [Live]
13. You Are (Live) [feat. Larue Howard]
14. You Are (Reprise) [Live] [feat. Larue Howard]
15. Transformation (Live)
16. Band Outro (Live)