The Project

To The Nations

To the youth of today keep your eyes on the prize! There is more out there than just fame and fortune. There is more than just being recognized as artist. It wasn’t until I finally said, “I don’t care about any of these things God” that he began to make all the impossible things possible. Search your heart and realize what you were created for and then never give up on the dream that God has placed on the inside of you. If it’s in you then it must come out of you. That’s the light of Christ. If you mess up, you make up, but NEVER give up!

What motivates you on a daily basis?

The simple fact that I am alive and that I was created to worship is really all the motivation that I need. I’m blessed with just knowing that God chose me to deliver these songs. They are in me. These songs come from my heart and my soul. I wake up with these songs in my head and God gave them to me, so I have an obligation to get them out.

You have officially established the name “The DMB Project”, what is the purpose?

The DMB Project is more than just an album recording; it is an effort and a movement to bring together all denominations of all churches with a common goal. That goal is to release a very distinct sound, not a genre, but the sound of “KINGDOM!” This is not about fame or fortune; this is about a SOUND! This project is designed to include praise and worship songs that can be sung all across the world. God has shown me visions of people from all walks of life coming together and worshiping him while singing these songs. These songs are meant for the kingdom; beyond, the city, beyond, the state, and beyond this country. This album is for the WORLD.

There are many different Gospel genres on the stage today targeting specific age groups; how do you classify your music?

My music knows no age, no color, no gender, and no boundaries. When I write, I write for all. I want the youngest child in the room to feel the beat that makes him dance for the Lord like never before. I want the oldest person in the room to hear a sound that causes them to reflect on the goodness of God. I am a worshiper and it’s really all I know how to be and I believe that comes out when people hear my songs. This is the worshiper in me put into musical composition. There is no genre, again; this is Kingdom sound.

We have talked about your motivation but who or what is your inspiration, the thing that drives you toward success?

I have so many inspirations in so little time and space. God is obviously the biggest inspiration for me. If people really knew my story and what God has brought me out of, they would understand why I’m so passionate about my worship. My grandmother and mother have been influential as well. They have never stopped praying for or believing in me. My Pastors, Chris & Liz Sarno, have unlocked something in me, over the past 4 years, that I never thought was even in me. The word that I receive at my church is an unforgettable praise and worship experience in itself.

One last equation, that readers are wondering. What has been the proudest moment in your life?

The proudest moment of my life would have to be the day that I finally, definitely, and 100% gave my life to Christ and said that my life was no longer my own and I would do anything and go anywhere he wanted me to go. It was the day that I stood in agreement with my mother’s words, “I will not serve the devil; not one day of my life.” It was the day I agreed with my praying grandmother who said I was meant for greatness and I would change the world with my music. I still remember that day I truly and wholeheartedly gave my life to Christ and declared that “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”